COVID-19 Protocols

We truly value every one of our walkers and the volunteers that make our walks happen.  In order to minimize the risk of infection, we’ve adopted the following procedures at our staffed walks.

  • MASKS ARE REQUIRED AT THE REGISTRATION and FINISH TABLES, per AVA guidelines.  Please keep your mask on as you gather before and after the walk.  We also require 6′ Social Distancing in those areas.  
  • Our volunteers will be gloved and masked. We will sanitize supplies and the workspace as needed.
  • Register ahead of time, using our convenient eRegistration (see the links in the 2021 Walk Calendar).  If you cannot use eRegistration, a paper Start Card will be available for you to complete.  Please bring your own pen to do so.
  • Bring payment in an envelope, using exact change or a check (made payable to NWFT). $3 per participant.
  • AVA/IVV Credit Walkers: Leave your books at the Start Table to be stamped while you’re walking.  Collect them at the end; they will be placed in alphabetical order on the table. 
  • Collect your trail map and off you go!  Once you’re walking, folks from different households should maintain at least a  6’ social distance (your arm is about 3’ long).  Masks can come off while walking so long as that distance is maintained.
  • When you return and you’re ready to socialize, that will take place in an open area after the event. Each person should bring their own lawn chair. Set them out “social distancing space” apart in a circle, so people can talk.  No masks are required in the circle, so long as social distancing is maintained.
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