Seasonal and YRE Pictorial – Physical Start Box


Ask for “The Walkbox” when you go to sites described as hosting a Walkbox. It should look something like this if you are going to one of our clubs’ 12 Seasonal and YREs that use a physical Walkbox.

The Walkbox is organized with a registration log, Start Cards, envelopes, stamp and stamp pad and a set of both 5k and 10k maps and directions.

This is a picture of a registration log and an envelope in which to mail back the Start Card and walk fee(s).

Print your name in the registration log and note the number printed in the far-left column. You will transfer that number to the Start Card.

Close-up of Start Card. From the registration log, transfer the number to the box at top right.

Enter name, address, length of walk and amount paid on top left.  On the right side, choose “Non-IVV Participant” if you’re a Fun Walker or “IVV Credit Only” if you are walking for credit (book stamping)

Be sure to sign and date the card at the bottom.

Take a set of directions and maps. The directions will indicate whether you start walking from the parking lot of where the Walkbox is located, or whether you have to drive to a different location.

Stamping Books

If you are a credit walker, be sure to stamp your book(s) before you head out the door. If you do not stamp books (you are a Fun Walker), skip this step.

Return the Walkbox to the front desk or counter and thank the personnel there for giving you the box and letting us start our walk from there.

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