Turn in your AVA/IVV Books for Recognition

Once you’ve completed an Event or a Distance Book, those books are turned in to the AVA for processing. Once processed, the books are returned to you and may include an IVV pin, IVV patch and AVA certificate of achievement.  Achievements are printed in The American Wanderer, the AVA’s quarterly newspaper.

The first time that books are sent in for processing, the walker is assigned an “AVA Registration Number” and given an “Achievement Record Book”.  That book records the ongoing levels of achievement for both Events and Distance.  The Achievement Record Book must accompany all future submissions of Event and Distance Books.

Walkers may MAIL in their books to the AVA and indicate if they want  to receive patches, pins and/or certificates.

American Volkssport Association
1008 S. Alamo Street, San Antonio, TX 78210
Attention: Karen Winkle.

We always strongly suggest that walkers photocopy their Books before mailing them in.  


Walkers may SCAN their books and send them to Karen Winkle at her e-mail: karen@ava.org.  

• Front of the book must be complete to include name, address, phone number and email.
• Member should indicate in the email whether they wish to receive patches, pins or certificates.
• The entire book must be scanned.
• Green and Purple books will scan properly on an 8.5”x11” page.
• Rose books must be copied front and back and only two columns per page. (If the copy is reduced it is often too small to read.)
• Pins, patches and Certificates will be mailed as usual.

NOTE: Achievement Record Books must still be mailed in for stamping, even if you submit your Event and Distance Books by email.


You may cut apart your Insert Cards and paste them into your books!

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