Take Part in a Seasonal or Year Round Event

First: Choose whether you will use the Online Start Box system or drive to the business hosting the Physical Start Box.  A very detailed tutorial on how to use the Online Start Box is available on our website here. The instructions below pertain to the use of a Physical Start Box (referred to as a “Walk Box”).

  1. Walk Boxes are often located behind the counter at a business or the event details will say where the box is located (“under a table in the lobby”).  Ask for the box and take it to a place where you can access the contents easily.
  2. Open the registration log and note your number.  That number gets transferred to the Start Card.  Fill that out, being sure to sign it and to note whether you are walking for IVV Credit (book stamper) or non-IVV credit.
  3. Take a map/directions sheet and orient yourself.  Does the walk start from the business or do you have to drive to another location? Look along the directions for the Checkpoint(s), if any.  Since the Checkpoint(s) won’t be staffed, they usually consist of answering a question posed at a certain point along the route.  An example, “The house at 123 Main Street is what color?”  Note:  some walks have different sets of directions for 5K and 10K walks, so be sure to take the correct set of directions.
  4. Some walks require that you return the Start Card to the box, along with payment.  Increasingly, clubs are asking that you mail the Start Card and payment to a given address, so look for a pre-addressed envelope.  (Our club provides stamped, pre-addressed envelopes for all of our year round and seasonal events.)
  5. If you have to come back to the Walk Box to return the completed Start Card, then stamp your Event and Distance Books (plus any Special Programs) at that time.  If you’re taking an envelope (or have to fill one out yourself), go ahead and stamp your books now.
  6. Go out and enjoy the walk!

A pictorial tutorial of the above instructions is available on our website here.

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