Find and Take Part in a Traditional (One Day) Event

  1. For NWFT event listings, check our Calendar and Event pages.
  2. For other AVA club events, check their Find an Event webpage.
  3. Read the details for the start and end times of the walk.  Most walks allow registration for 2 to 3 hours, at which time registration closes.  You are allowed a set amount of time to finish the walk and return to the start point, so take that into consideration when planning your walk.
  4. At the registration table, you will be asked to sign a form that allows you to walk under AVA rules, and then to fill out a “Start Card” with your name and address.  The worker will mark your card, so that the organizers of the walk can track that all participants have returned safely.  Carry the Start Card with you during the walk, and hand it in at the end of your walk.  Pay the fees associated with the walk.
  5. Many Traditional Events are well marked, with interesting sights and themes.  A map of the route and written directions will be available at the registration table, and may contain interesting material about the walk, the route, or the theme.  Be sure to take one with you!
  6. Be sure to stop at any marked Checkpoints along the route, as the organizers use those points to provide water and refreshments, to clarify any questions about the route and to keep track of registered walkers.
  7. At the end of the walk, return your Start Card.  If walking for AVA/IVV Credit, be sure to have your Event and/or Distance book(s) stamped, along with any Special Program Books in which you are taking part.  Pick up your award (if paid) and mingle with other walkers who have completed the walk!
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