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To become a club member, click here to open and print the  Membership Form.

To learn more about our walking events, keep reading below.  The AVA has a “Let’s Get Started” page that provides a little more detail than the material below, which is specific to our club.

A “Traditional Event” (sometimes called a “Regular” Event) is generally a one day event hosted by a local club, featuring a 5K or 10K walk, a swim, a bicycling event, or even a skiing event.  The NWFT only offers 5K and 10K walking events at this time.  Club members map out a route, mark it, staff a registration table for those setting out on the route and those returning from walking the route, stamp AVA/IVV achievement books, and often present an award for completion of the event.  Club members may also staff checkpoints along the way, to provide water or other refreshments, offer directions and to mark the Start Card that all participants are required to carry.

The NWFT charges $2.00 for “Fun Walkers” (officially known as “Non-IVV Participants”) to cover event expenses, such as refreshments, maps and liability insurance.  AVA/IVV Credit costs $3.00 (which includes the costs associated with a Fun Walker).  Awards, such as patches, pins or other memorabilia are often available, generally for $3 to $4 additional.

How to find and participate in a Traditional Event – please click here

Year Round Events (YREs) are routes that are available to club members to walk or bike at any time the route is open.  Most YREs are walks, or bike routes start from the same location (Start Point) as a walk, so all references following are for walks.  “Walk Boxes” are located in places of business open to the public, so access to the Walk Box may be limited to the Start Point’s business hours.  A member of the NWFT may walk any other club’s YRE across the United States and across the world!

How to find and participate in a Year Round Event – please click here

Those who wish to participate in AVA/IVV Credit must purchase “books”, which have spaces for event stamps to be marked.  Event books hold 25 stamps, while distance books hold 50 stamps.  Upon completion of the book(s), they may be mailed in to AVA Headquarters in Texas, where they will be logged and returned to you with the appropriate patches and pins recognizing your accomplishments.  You will also be recognized in The American Wanderer, AVA’s bimonthly newspaper.

How to get started with AVA/IVV Credit books – please click here

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