Why become a club member?

  • Club members can vote for club officers and for the annual Walker of the Year award.
  • Club members get a discount on the Annual Dinner and other club events.
  • Club members take $1 off the cost of walking a Year Round Event more than once in a year’s time.
  • Club members also receive the newsletter, Footsteps, and are recognized for their birthdays, anniversaries and walking achievements. 
  • Finally, by being a club member, you help support the costs of running the club, from rental fees to technology costs.

How do I become a club member?

Membership in the NWFT is $10 for an individual and $15 for a family.   Click here to open and print the form: Membership Form.

What does it cost to walk and where does the money go?

All walkers pay $3.00 per person to walk.  This contributes to the costs involved in putting on a walk, such as printing and supplies, site rental fees, certification with the AVA and liability insurance.  “Walking for Credit” means that walkers present Event and Distance Record Books (additional cost for the books) to be stamped at walks to receive AVA/IVV credit for the walk.  Some walks offer “A” awards, which may be patches, buttons, pins or other memorabilia.  These are usually available for an additional fee of $3 to $4.  “B” awards from previous walks are often available at a nominal cost, and are free to those 12 and younger.

Why all the German?

Volkssporting (The People’s Sport) got its start in Germany in the late 1960’s.  American servicemen and women took part in those activities and then brought their love of Volkssporting back to the United States with them.  The predominant sport offered is walking, which got Anglicized into Volksmarching and Volkswalking.  Click on this link to see a Glossary of Volkssporting terms.

How do you pronounce the club’s name?

  • Nebraska – like the state
  • Wander – like the English verb, “to wander”
  • Freunde – “froyn’ duh” – German for “Friends”
  • Trailblazers – “trayl’ blay zers”

So, what’s Volkssporting?

Volkssporting is a noncompetitive personal fitness program.  Volkssports include walking, biking, skiing, swimming and cross-country skiing.  People are more likely to engage in fitness activities if they are done with other people.  AVA/IVV Credit for activities provides immediate positive feedback and builds a sense of accomplishment over time.

What is the AVA and the IVV?

AVA is “America’s Walking Club”. The American Volkssport Association (AVA) was formed in 1976 and serves as the parent organization  of all Volkssporting clubs in the United States.  Member clubs pay dues to the AVA, which disseminates information about all walking events (nearly 4000 in 2019!),  and handles administrative functions, such as liability insurance and recording and processing awards.  The Internationaler Volkssport Verband (IVV) is headquartered in Germany and handles administrative functions for 40 countries worldwide.  A member of the NWFT in Omaha can walk in London, Ottawa or Beijing and still receive the same distance and event credits as a walk in Omaha.

How do I become a member of the AVA?

Membership in the AVA is separate, and not required to walk any of our club’s or any other clubs’ walks, but is encouraged. By doing so, you receive The American Wanderer, published every quarter, full of information about walks and events across the country and about Special Programs for walking. AVA Associate Membership also supports the national organization and its administrative functions.

What are Special Programs?

Special Programs are sponsored by AVA member clubs, and create excitement and appeal and a little extra challenge for walkers.  Typically, programs are organized around a theme, such as walking all 50 states, or taking part in a walk that goes past a historic or quirky feature.  Sponsoring clubs set the rules, such as walking a set number of events that qualify for the special program, the cost of the program and award special patches or pins to celebrate the completion of the program.

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