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What to do if there isn’t a walk scheduled? Walk, of course!

We don’t have regular walks scheduled this next weekend, so why not take advantage of one of our year round walks? Also, two workers’ walks are coming up (remember to show up early to take care of all the paperwork and that restrooms may not be available):

1) Sat. 10/24 at 9 a.m. for the Pie Walk at Morning Star Lutheran Church, 331 S. 85th Ave, Omaha , NE 68114. Date of the actual walk is November 7th starting at 9 a.m.

2) Sun. 10/25 at 3 p.m. for the Lincoln Volkssport Club’s Wyuka Cemetery Walk. The Lincoln club reports that they are very short on volunteers for the walk on Halloween. Email us and we’ll get the word to our neighbor club! The actual event is scheduled for October 31st, starting at the Wyuka Cemetery Stables, 3600 ‘O’ Street, Lincoln, NE, registration from 8:45 to 10:15 a.m., off the trail by 12:15 p.m. due to a limited rental agreement.  And yes, the Huskers play at 11 a.m. but in West Lafayette, Indiana, so traffic won’t be a problem!

On Walks and Walkers

We had a great turnout at our September 12th Breakfast Walk at Zorinsky Lake. The weather was perfect, the route was great and the food was plentiful. Special thanks go to Lee Frantz and Donna Campbell for sponsoring this walk and sharing it with 69 people.

Sandy Spaulding has laid out a great route for our Magic City Walk (aka South Omaha) on October 3rd, starting at El Museo Latino at 9 a.m. Workers are needed to staff the Start Point, the 3 Check Points and to greet folks and/or to walk with them. If you’d like to volunteer, don’t worry about getting to do the walk.  The Workers’ Walk will be Saturday, September 26th at 9 a.m. Come a little early to do paperwork, but remember that the museum will not be open early that morning and bathrooms will not be available there or generally on the route that day. To volunteer, let Butch or Sandy Spaulding know via email.

Speaking of volunteers, it’s time to nominate our 2015 “Walker of the Year”. Any club member can be nominated.  Submit your nominations with a brief write-up to Butch Spaulding by October 15th, so that the nominations can be published in our Nov-Dec newsletter.  We’ll be trying out a new system for voting this year, so that all club members can participate, even if they can’t make the December club meeting.

Coming up in September

The ever-popular Breakfast Walk will take place at Zorinsky Lake, near 156th and F Streets, on Saturday morning from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. on September 12th. Walkers should be off the 5k or 10k trails by 2 p.m. Those coming later in the morning should count on eating before they head out on the trail. Please bring a ready-to-eat breakfast item to share – no cooking facilities are available. Fun walkers pay $1.50, while those wanting AVA/IVV Credit pay $3.

The club’s September meeting will take place on Monday, September 14th, a week later than our usual 1st Monday, due to the Labor Day Holiday. We’ll have speakers from Restoration Exchange of Omaha to give us some South Omaha history in preparation for our October walk. These speakers are fantastic and are a must-hear! Meetings take place at 7 p.m. at Morning Star Lutheran Church at 311 S. 85th St. (near Methodist Hospital). Our speakers will talk during the first portion of the meeting for 15 – 30 minutes, followed by a brief business meeting and will close with refreshments.

September – October Newsletter now available

Here’s the latest newsletter. Please note the information about the Breakfast Walk coming up on September 12th – you’ll be seeing more reminders, so go ahead and mark your calendars now!

It’s also not too early to think about our “Walker of the Year” award, voted on in December and awarded in January. Get those nominations in now, so that they can be presented in the next newsletter.

For your reading pleasure: NWFT Sept-Oct 2015 Newsletter


July and August Activities

A capacity crowd of 20 showed up at Ted and Wally’s in Omaha’s Old Market on Monday, July 13th. Participants report that it was a “tasteful” experience.

Club members Butch and Sandy Spaulding organized a spontaneous group walk of the Bennington Lakes Year Round walk on Saturday, July 18th. A total of 7 folks enjoyed the gardens at the Start Point, and beat most of the day’s heat by walking early in the day. Want a walking partner for any of our year rounds? Send us an email at and we’ll put the word out!

Our next scheduled club activity is a group walk of the Ashland Year Round on Saturday, August 15th at 8:30 a.m. Save some time in your schedule to have lunch at Cheri O’s and/or a visit to the SAC Museum nearby! The organizer for this event is club president Mel Bohn, who can be reached by personal email or by the club email at

Our regular season of Traditional or Regular Events begins in September. If you didn’t get flyers for our first 4 walks of the season, let us know! More information to be posted in September.



How To Conduct A Successful Border-Crossing Volksmarch

Our Grand Island correspondent, Jim McGahan, tells us in words and pictures how to put on a successful traditional event that will pull in walkers from across the country. This event was held July 11th. This was a 9 hour round-trip drive for most of the walkers from our club, and the event pulled in folks from much farther away!

Hope you will enjoy reading all about Big Stone City! We loved one of the photos so much, that we added it to our list of header images that appear on each of the pages in this website.

More showers, more walks!

May has been a pretty rainy month so far this year, but that hasn’t stopped our club from taking part in events. The May 9th walk at Standing Bear Lake brought out 67 walkers to walk a quickly re-routed walk around the flooded lake. Here are pictures of two groups of walkers:

Boy Scouts, leaders, family and friends at the checkpoint
Boy Scouts, leaders, family and friends at the checkpoint
Following the rules is important!
Following the rules is important!









The YRE in Grand Island is now closed, but a steady stream of folks went to walk with Jim and Martha McGahan during the past week.  Words are insufficient to express our gratitude for their years of service!

The last 13 folks to ever walk this sanctioned walk, assembled outside the now-closed Skagway store.
The last 13 folks to ever walk this sanctioned walk, assembled outside the now-closed Skagway store.
Butch Spaulding takes the Grand Island YRE walk box from Jim and Martha McGahan
Butch Spaulding takes the Grand Island YRE walk box from Jim and Martha McGahan










You don’t have to be an AVA member to walk our walks (or even a club member), but one of the benefits of membership is receiving their publication, The American Wanderer.  Long-time contributor Jim Goeltz submitted club news to TAW, and featured our very own club secretary, Tricia Abel! What a nice write-up for a nice lady. See June TAW article on NWFT and Tricia Abel. (Sorry, had to cut up the newsprint article to make it fit onto a single page!)

But, what about walking???

  • Remember we have the National Trails Day event coming up at the Chalco Hills Visitor Center on Saturday, June 6th between 8:30 and 10:00 a.m.  We’ll be borrowing the box from its normal Start Point for the duration, but promise to get it back promptly!
  • Our YREs are still waiting for you! Check out our interactive Map to find a walk in Nebraska, visit AVA Interactive YRE Map to find walks around the country and of course, the GDMVA’s special walks (see GDMVA 30th Anniversary article in TAW) are available until June 30th!