More showers, more walks!

May has been a pretty rainy month so far this year, but that hasn’t stopped our club from taking part in events. The May 9th walk at Standing Bear Lake brought out 67 walkers to walk a quickly re-routed walk around the flooded lake. Here are pictures of two groups of walkers:

Boy Scouts, leaders, family and friends at the checkpoint
Boy Scouts, leaders, family and friends at the checkpoint
Following the rules is important!
Following the rules is important!









The YRE in Grand Island is now closed, but a steady stream of folks went to walk with Jim and Martha McGahan during the past week.  Words are insufficient to express our gratitude for their years of service!

The last 13 folks to ever walk this sanctioned walk, assembled outside the now-closed Skagway store.
The last 13 folks to ever walk this sanctioned walk, assembled outside the now-closed Skagway store.
Butch Spaulding takes the Grand Island YRE walk box from Jim and Martha McGahan
Butch Spaulding takes the Grand Island YRE walk box from Jim and Martha McGahan










You don’t have to be an AVA member to walk our walks (or even a club member), but one of the benefits of membership is receiving their publication, The American Wanderer.  Long-time contributor Jim Goeltz submitted club news to TAW, and featured our very own club secretary, Tricia Abel! What a nice write-up for a nice lady. See June TAW article on NWFT and Tricia Abel. (Sorry, had to cut up the newsprint article to make it fit onto a single page!)

But, what about walking???

  • Remember we have the National Trails Day event coming up at the Chalco Hills Visitor Center on Saturday, June 6th between 8:30 and 10:00 a.m.  We’ll be borrowing the box from its normal Start Point for the duration, but promise to get it back promptly!
  • Our YREs are still waiting for you! Check out our interactive Map to find a walk in Nebraska, visit AVA Interactive YRE Map to find walks around the country and of course, the GDMVA’s special walks (see GDMVA 30th Anniversary article in TAW) are available until June 30th!

Just gotta walk! April walking news

Fear not! We’ve got lots of great opportunities for you to walk. Check out any of our Year Round Events (time is ticking on the Grand Island event – see this post.

For North Central Region events from now until the end of the year (always more being added!) check April 1 2015 North Central Region Walks to come for the latest listings.

Luckily, we are pretty centrally located, so there’s always plenty to do with the clubs to our south. Check out for a list of their upcoming Group Walks and their first Traditional Event of the year in Olathe, KS on April 25th.

Those folks are pretty fantastic about supporting other clubs. Check out this Clay-Platte Trackers walking weekend with GDMVA for details on how the Clay-Platte Trackers are going to host a weekend of walks in conjunction with the Greater Des Moines Volkssport Association’s 30th Anniversary events! Our club is making carpooling arrangements to walk with the GDMVA in the morning (see this link for details and note the alternate start point for the morning of April 18th!). If you haven’t let Butch Spaulding know that you want a ride (or want to drive), let him know or email us right away!

Sad news – Grand Island Year Round closing May 17th

This is to notify you that our year round in Grand Island will be closing at the end of the day on Sunday, May 17, 2015.  This action is due to the upcoming closure of our starting point, Skagway Discount Center effective May 22, 2015.  
We will be looking at having a group walk (or two), perhaps on a Sunday afternoon.  Please let us know if you are interested in carpooling. This is a great walk and the perfect time of year to make walking memories to last a lifetime.
A special thanks to Jim and Martha McGahan of Grand Island, who have kept the Volksmarching torch burning brightly in Grand Island and nearby. Thank you, Jim and Martha!

July News – so far (July has just started!)

A word from Butch Spaulding about our July 19th activity: Just a reminder that time is closing in on the date to make reservations for our July Activity – Picnic and Storm Chasers Ball Game. The cost for members is $19.00 and for non-members $24.00.

The original notification stated to let us know by July 11th – However, we need to finalize the number on July 11th so please notify me by 10 July – Payment should be in the mail at that time. So far there are 23 planning on attending this activity.

The picnic will be held even if it is raining. They have enough covered areas to handle this situation.


Wondering what to do after our September 6th Wine Walk in Fort Calhoun? The Washington County Historical Museum and Frahm House are available to tour, beginning at 12 p.m., for only $3! See for more information on this fascinating little museum and historic house. Another great place to visit is Super Bee Orchards, on the south side of the town, on the west side of Highway 75. They take cash or check only, so be sure to bring enough cash to visit the museum and treat yourself to a healthy apple snack on the way back home.


It is with great sadness that we say farewell to the Walk Seward Club. The Trailblazers will be picking up the Aurora YRE for the remainder of the year, while the Lincoln Volkssport Club will be picking up the York and Seward YREs. The Aurora walk features new 5K and 10K routes for this year and the Seward walk uses an “I Spy” theme to keep walkers on the lookout for landmarks and secrets. Without walkers, these YREs will close permanently at the end of the year. Don’t let that happen! Lace up the shoes, gas up the car, grab a friend and go!


We just got a report from “Bethany” Bob Kruger that another great club, the Wichita Skywalkers Volkssport Club, decided to dissolve on June 30. The YRE at Tallgrass Prairie near Strong City will be taken over by the Kansas Jaywalkers of Ft. Leavenworth. All other walks (Wichita, Arkansas City, Derby) are done!


Fremont Year Round Start Point Closed

The Touch ‘N Go at 740 Davenport Street, Fremont, NE is the Start Point for both the Historic Fremont and Fremont Lakes SRA Year Round Events.  The convenience store is closed for remodeling, but is expected to re-open at the end of June.

The walks themselves are still open!  Contact the POC, Jeanne Miller at or 402-238-2059 to coordinate sign-in, map and stamps.