Our Year Round and Other Area Clubs’ Events

Links are valid as of April 6, 2019.

The NWFT has 8 Year Round Events (YREs) and is a member of the North Central Region of the AVA, so we get regular information on some other clubs’ traditional events, if they’re in the North Central Region.  The North Central Region includes North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota and Iowa. We don’t get regular information on the South Central Region’s events (Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana) but since some of those areas are close to us, we try to update that information as we can. For Traditional Events, click on the Events page.


Details on each of the walks shown in the map above can be found by clicking on the link in the descriptions, below. In Iowa, we offer a YRE in Council Bluffs. In the greater Omaha Metropolitan Area, we offer YREs in:

Along the I-80 corridor, from east to west:

In Southeast Nebraska, west of I-29:  Nebraska City (offered by the Lincoln Volkssport Club)

North Central Traditional Events:  A list of Regional Events will be posted when it is received from our Regional Director; many are published in our newsletter.

In Kansas and Missouri: Information on walks offered by other great clubs in Kansas and Missouri can be found by clicking the links to see these club listings from AVA’s website.  Clay-Platte Trackers of Kansas City, Missouri has their own website, with links to many other regional events.

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